Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Accounting For Beginners

Hi, everyone! I'm a tutor for accounting, special for those who are new in accounting fields.

I most welcome UiTM students but other students are welcome too. =)

Please share and tell your friends about me. 


  1. salam.. woo.. that GREAT~!! i'm one of UiTM accountancy student.. & for ur in4mation i sggh lemah acc subjek.. -.- hope that u can help me.. tQ :)

  2. i'm not new in accounting fields but i really poor in account.. may be i'm not from accounting stream b4?

  3. Hi dabooninie. Welcome. I can only teach 'introduction to accounting' because I myself is still studying and need to learn more. I'm afraid that I can't teach on higher level of accounting but I can try on whatever I know and have learned so far. =)
    well, not because you're not an accounting student before, you can't do well. I was in science stream b4 in high school and never learn anything abt accounting. To me, its a challenge to learn something new like accounting. The result? hmm, so far I never get below 3.50 CGPA. Cheers then, if i can do it, why not you? =)

  4. wow so sad that my result not as good as u.. i'll try my best.. ermm may i know r u studying at uitm? if yes which campus? just wanna know :) tq 4 ur advise..

  5. Hi, yes I'm studying at UiTM and read Accountancy(diploma). but I can't tell you which campus, just to keep my identity a secret. =)