Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MUET Speaking Tips

Here are some tips taken (contributed by good hearted lyners), a good guide to sit for your MUET Speaking Test.

More pointers for Speaking component:-

1. Task 1 is to be presented to the examiner - so greet the examiner, maintain eye contact with him/her. Don't just read from your notes.

2. Task 2
- One person starts the discussion by greeting the examiner and fellow candidates
- Proceed to state own opinion (not necessarily to stick to your choice in Task 1) - give one point only (not ALL, otherwise you will have nothing to contribute later)
- Then either ask for opinion or let someone continue

You are discouraged from waiting to be prompted by others for your opinion. This is a speaking test - a test of your ability to speak. No contents = no marks.
Of course if you have flawless English but weak content, you will be penalised.

3. Effective body language is important here. Maintain eye contact will all candidates. Nod or smile in approval. Don't rock your chair. don't play with your pencil or your hair. Don't just stare at your notes or write all the time.

4. Use variety of language structures. If Candidate A has used 'In my opinion..', you can use 'I think' ,'I feel' etc. To disagree, you can say 'I'm sorry I beg to differ','I'm sorry I have to disagree with Candidate...'. If you see a particular candidate is dominating the discussion, you can say ' I'm sorry, may I interrupt for a moment?' or 'May I say something here?'

Don't argue, don't use rude words like 'Why CANNOT??' or 'NOOOO, I don't think so'.

5. At the end of the 10 minutes, you are to come to a consensus. Only ONE choice. Worst comes to worst, combine 2 very relevant ones. If you have your own fixed group members, this is easier to achieve because you must have a lot of practices in order to come to a natural conclusion. Do not at the last minute, just simply say 'Ok, I agree'. Very fake...

6. Finally, another person ends the discussion. Eg. Based on our discussion, we have come to a conclusion that... or Thank you for a fruitful discussion. I can safely conclude that..
Do this only if everyone in the group has agreed with only one answer.

by huey80

source: malaysianstudentblog

If you are looking for a sample of MUET Speaking test, I can give you the link. You can click the link but I am not responsible for any content of the video or the website. TQ. Click Here

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