Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Preparation for MUET

I seem to get this question a lot in MUET classes or from friends, “how can I improve my english?”
Well, through what I’ve observed so far, understanding and communicating in english is definitely not a problem for most, if not, all KML students. However, to achieve a desired result in MUET, there is a few ways to improve the mastering of english in such a limited period of time.

1. Speak:

Stop thinking, “oh, I don’t speak good english. People are going to laugh at me if I speak my broken english.” Instead, think, “I should improve my english, that’s why I must constantly speak it to get used to the language.” Don’t mind the fact that you might think you’re grammatically wrong, the point here is getting used to speaking in english. Once you get used to speaking in english, from there onwards, proceed to focusing on using proper grammar in your daily speeches.

2. Read:

You should chose to read articles, novels or any reading materials that interest you. That way, reading an english material wouldn’t be boring. When you chance upon a words you’re not familiar with, look it up in a dictionary. Write the word and it’s meaning down in a small notebook, or even better, on a piece of sticky-notepad and stick it somewhere where you can always see it. This is a good way to add variation to your vocabulary.

3. Write:

This is simple. You can apply this to your everyday life. Use English when you’re writing down reminders, leaving notes for your friends, text messaging and writing your e-mails. Be accustomed to writing in English as it will help in your essay writing.

4. Listen:

Now, this is essential. Listen to your MUET lecturer’s instructions on the guidelines for acing your MUET test. Lecturers WANT you to get the best you can for the exam. Participate in activities organised by your MUET lecturer. This is all done to assist you with your preparation for MUET.

In summarisation, the key point is to make English an element of your life and familiarising yourself with the usage of english.

source: malaysianuniversityenglishtestblog

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