Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MUET Writing Tips

How can I improve my essays??

Writing is marked upon Task Fulfilment (30marks) & Language (30marks).

So in order to have points to write, u need to be well read. At least, u shud read the newspapers daily. Extra credit will be given to international examples.

Then, employ a correct essay outline which basically looks like this :

Introduction - General statements / The hook - to grab readers' attention (various ways to write an attention-getter)
Thesis statement (your reply to the Q - main idea of the whole essay)

A typical ugly SPM way of writing intros will be like 'I agree with the statement ....bla bla bla' as the 1st sentence already.

Body Paragraph - Topic sentence (main idea for that particular paragraph)
Supporting details (explanation, elaboration, examples, studies/researches)

For 350 words, 4 body paragraphs shud suffice.

COnclusion - common method is restating ur thesis
suggestions/recommendations/predictions (can pose questions too)

If u follow this format correctly plus reasonably relevent/accurate points, u shud not be below Band 3. If u have reasonably good command of the language, u can go up to Band 4 or 5.

source: malaysianstudentblog/ blogger

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